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About us

The Czech Franchise Association (ČAF) is a non-profit, professional organization associating at the national level franchising providers – franchisors and specialists dealing with franchising issues, lawyers and advisors. The Association was established in 1993 and its mission is to inform non-professional and professional public about the fundamentals and significance of franchising and about successful representatives of this form of business. We cooperate with professional and specialised unions in the Czech Republic and other franchise unions in Europe. The Czech Franchise Association is a member of the European Franchise Federation and the World Franchise Council.

CAF has 60 members at present. Members of the Czech Franchise Association are big, well-known, international systems as for example Yves Rocher, RE/MAX, NATURHOUSE, McDonald´s, and national franchise systems for example CrossCafe, Ambiente, OXALIS, Vytopna, Svět zdraví, Solodoor, Potrefena Husa or international partnership of layers, tax advisors and auditors Noerr or Kocian Solc Balastik.

Objectives and role of the Czech Franchise Association

The activities of the Czech Franchise Association are focused on supporting the development of current franchise systems and creating better conditions for the growth of this type of business.

The main objectives of the Czech Franchise Association are as follows:

  • To represent the franchise form of business and to be its expert guarantor; to inform both the lay and professional public of the essence and meaning of franchising and to promote it;
  • To associate business entities that actively, successfully and continuously operate in the area of franchising;
  • To provide information support and service to its members and to those interested in franchising; to assist them in acquiring important information, specialized knowledge, contacts and references regarding franchising;
  • To strive for comprehensible application of legal regulations (legislation) of franchising business including competition, taxes and financing;
  • To support and enforce the knowledge of and the consistent adherence to ethical standards outlined in the European Code of Franchising Ethics;
  • To support macro-economic benefits of franchising in the area of the development of small- and medium-sized enterprises, quality of services and job opportunities; to assist Czech business entities in "exporting" domestic franchise systems and support the "import" of well-proven foreign systems and investments to the Czech Republic on the basis of franchising;
  • To maintain contacts and cooperate with institutions, professional and specialized associations in the CR and other franchise associations particularly from the countries of the European Union with the objective of creating synergic effects and informing the members of such institutions of the activities of the Czech Franchise Association.

Subject to its By-Laws, a natural or legal entity can become the member of the Czech Franchise Association if its Board of Directors makes a decision to accept the member by approving a written application, and providing this entity complies with the conditions set forth in the Czech Franchise Association By-Laws and undertakes the following:

  • To observe the By-Laws;
  • To meet the conditions set forth in the Ethical Code of Franchising;
  • To comply with the conditions of the Czech Franchise Association Admission Order;
  • To participate in the activities organized by the Czech Franchise Association;
  • To comply with the resolutions and decisions of the Czech Franchise Association bodies;
  • To pay the membership fee.

Česká asociace franchisingu

ČESKÁ ASOCIACE FRANCHISINGU (ČAF) je nezisková profesní organizace sdružující na národní úrovni poskytovatele franchisingu – franchisory a odborníky z oblasti práva a poradenství zaměřující se na problematiku franchisingu. ČAF vznikla v roce 1993 a jejími členy jsou jak velké a známé mezinárodní značky, tak i menší tuzemské franchisové systémy.


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